Friday, August 6, 2010

At last- a post!!

Whopee!! At last, Mummy had time to do something interesting with me so I have a reason to blog! All be it, the little sproglet had to come with us too but still, he had to stay in his bed on wheels thing whilst I got to enjoy the full extent of the excursion.

So mummy bundled us all in he car, making me sit in the back next to baby Bro rather than my favourite upfront position. She even had the cheek to seat belt me in- not on mum! Then she took me to a new house I'd never been to before. She got out and left me in the car. I was about to start my usual pity cry to get her back when, 'whoosh' out of nowhere a big cream labradoodle came into view. I let mummy know quite clearly that I needed out to introduce myself to this handsome beast. (see below- yummers!!)

Turns out this was Dudley, the caretaker of mummy's new friends, Alana and John, and their sproglet, Lucas. And guess what? Yes, yes, yes, I got to go on a walk with Dudley!! It was the bestest walk in ages, cause Dudley is into all the things I'm into, like running fast, going in muddy puddles and ignoring hooman's calls. Duds ( as I shall affectionately call him), also has another cool habit- bike chasing!! What a great game!! Did I mention that he's also very handsome?? I used my womanly charms on him and I reckon a few more dates and I could reel him in! But this time I just let him get my scent- a girls gotta play hard to get, you know.

So, turns out mummy does still love me, I was beginning to forget what the outside world looks like!

Liffeys licks to you all

Saturday, May 29, 2010

No fair!

I used to be in the foreground!
Liffeys licks xxx

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week 1 with baby bro

Well, life has changed around here- but I am starting to quite like it.
Here are the best things about having a baby bro so far:
1. He smells good- especially around the thing mummy and daddy call his nappy. They say I'm the dirty 'nappy' detector!
2. Mummy and Daddy are being very kind to me and I've had lots of cuddles.
3. I can sneak on the bed lots cause mummy and daddy don't seem to notice.
4. Mummy says I can kiss baby bros feet to keep him awake - cool!
5. He doesn't seem to care about cuddling on the bed so I still get first call on that one.
6. We go walkies together- but he gets taken in this carriage thing. Poor little guy, he doesn't get to run around much.
7. I keep being told what a good girl I am- not sure what I've done but it feels good!
8. grandma and grandad are here and they give me extra cuddles and walkies.

Hmm....that's all I can think of right now. It sure is cool being a big sister.
(mummy says- please ignore her legs in the back ground- she had just got out of the shower!)

Liffeys licks to you all

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My baby brother!

I have a baby brother. He is not a pup like me but a biped like mummy and daddy- but he is still very cute, most of the time. The rest of the time he is a scary, howling monster that I run away from! Often he is hogging mummy- seemingly eating her in a most bizarre fashion.

Mummy says I have been a very good girl cause I am gentle with baby bro. I like to sniff him- he smells very strange. Sometimes he smells good, sometimes he smells bad. I would like to kiss him but no one seems keen to let me do that.

I am glad the baby bro is here now but it is all a little strange and taking me a while to get used to. I must go now cause I am sleepy- baby bro cried for most of last night and kept me awake. Time for a snooze for me.

Liffeys licks to you

PS- Update on mummy's ever growing belly- it appears to have semi disappeared. Quite amazingly, when she came home with the bro, her belly had shrunk several sizes. Mummy says it has something to do with the picture below!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Did I tell; you that I went camping? It was a while ago now but fresh in my memories cause it was totally fun!!

The bit that wasn't fun was when daddy packed the car up and there was no room for me so he perched me on top of loads of stuffs.
See- not happy!!

But, I got a good view even if it was a bit uncomfy and the longest car journey I have EVER been on. I got a bit bored sometimes but then daddy would open the windows and I stuck my head out and flapped my ears in the breeze.

We went to a place called Bright and there was a river there that I could paddle in ALL the time and even some deep bits where mummy helped me to swim. I'm still not sure about this swimming thing but it is getting easier and less scary. Daddy forgot to take any photos of me swimming though- naughty daddy.

Daddy wouldn't let me or mummy help to put the tent up- but I was the director and made sure he knew where to put the sticks. Here I am directing the show:
After all my hard work I was rewarded with some yummers bones- mmmmmm:
Mummy liked the tent a lot:

I wasn't so sure about sleeping under canvas and my first nights sleep was a bit broken. I kept hearing strange noises and having to wake mummy up to warn her bout them. She got a bit cross in the end and said it was just possums. I didn't know what a possum was but then the next night I saw one. Ugly looking thing up a tree- I told it to go away in no uncertain terms but it wouldn't listen. Silly possum.

I got used to it all in the end andquite enjoyed my tent life. I particuarly enjoyed the camp fires at night although they would have been better if mummy and daddy had thought to get me my own chair. One time mummy went off to the toilet so I gave her chair a try. She wasn't very happy when she got back and I was relegated to the floor once again!

Still they did share marshmallows and nuts with me!

Hope, hope, hope that I can go camping again soon but mummy says it might be a while- boo hoo hoo! here's me on the way home with my daddy. I was POOPED!

Liffey's licks to you all

PS- For those of you interested in mummy, her weight problem is continuing at quite a rapid speeed. She says not to worry and that it will all at least begin to get better in about 6 weeks. I hope so mummy cause your belly is BIG!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mummy, the river and stuff!

For some reason, Mummy has not been leaving the house in a morning with daddy. Instead she has been doing an awful lot of lying in bed, watching Gilmore Girls and generally enjoying MY company. Mummy keeps talking to me about my little brother who will apparantly arrive some time near 1st April. For someone who is not even here yet he seems to be making mummy very tiered and taking up a lot of talking time (which could otherwise be devoted to me and my plays, walks, feeds etc).

But, with all this stay at home time on her hands, mummy has been taking me to the river once a week- which is AWESOME! I am kinda learning to swim, but I prefer to paddle- much more refined and you can gallop on to shore quicker if some fun looking pup turns up. When we get to the river, mummy does an awful lot of this:
I think that is why she is getting fatter and fatter! Either that or she has some terrible disease. I was leaning on her tummy the other day and it kind of tried to push me off! Bad indigestion maybe! Mummy and daddy thought it was hilarious!

Anywhay, here's some pictures of me at the river (bit easier to find than your river, Marvin!):

Sometimes daddy comes too- he is a lot more bossy than mummy but he gives me the best rub down when we've finished!
'That's it daddy, rub right there!'

THat's all for now folks,
Liffey's licks to you

Friday, January 1, 2010

What an exciting season!

Phewy!! No one warned me 2 weeks ago what maddness was about to ensue. I
am now officially a pooped doggy but it is ok cause now I am getting lots of time to sit and sleep.

I did enjoy it all though. I particularly enjoyed the tree in the house- strange but nice!
I loved getting presents:

And then destroying them!

I enjoyed having Jemmy and Uncle Jon come to stay- although Cousin Jem is still a big bully and would not let me destroy her new rubber chicken- pooey!

I REALLY enjoyed all the special edibles!! Yummers!

I even sort of enjoyed wearing silly reindeer antlers! (Although I did get carried away and chewed tham so I ended up with only 1 antler!)
Mummy said it was all called Christmas!! YEAH- let's do it again please?

Liffey's Licks and belated Christmas wishes