Friday, August 6, 2010

At last- a post!!

Whopee!! At last, Mummy had time to do something interesting with me so I have a reason to blog! All be it, the little sproglet had to come with us too but still, he had to stay in his bed on wheels thing whilst I got to enjoy the full extent of the excursion.

So mummy bundled us all in he car, making me sit in the back next to baby Bro rather than my favourite upfront position. She even had the cheek to seat belt me in- not on mum! Then she took me to a new house I'd never been to before. She got out and left me in the car. I was about to start my usual pity cry to get her back when, 'whoosh' out of nowhere a big cream labradoodle came into view. I let mummy know quite clearly that I needed out to introduce myself to this handsome beast. (see below- yummers!!)

Turns out this was Dudley, the caretaker of mummy's new friends, Alana and John, and their sproglet, Lucas. And guess what? Yes, yes, yes, I got to go on a walk with Dudley!! It was the bestest walk in ages, cause Dudley is into all the things I'm into, like running fast, going in muddy puddles and ignoring hooman's calls. Duds ( as I shall affectionately call him), also has another cool habit- bike chasing!! What a great game!! Did I mention that he's also very handsome?? I used my womanly charms on him and I reckon a few more dates and I could reel him in! But this time I just let him get my scent- a girls gotta play hard to get, you know.

So, turns out mummy does still love me, I was beginning to forget what the outside world looks like!

Liffeys licks to you all


  1. That was a close thing. Lucky she came through with some exciting action or you would have been looking for a trade in on her I have no doubt.


  2. Hi, Liffey!
    Wow! Sure you had a pawesome time with your friend!
    I know your mom loves you a lot but you need to understand she is busier now with your little bro!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  3. How you going, ary you still around, we miss you.

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