Sunday, July 26, 2009


Whohoooooooo!! At last I graduated!! I am no longer a 'basic' but have been moved into intermediates. Doesn't that sound grand- INTERMEDIATE!!
For weeks mummy and I have been going to obedience classes and gradually watching all my friends move into the next class. And each time they would say 'All basics over here' mummy would whispher in my ear, 'it's ok. you're not basic', but none the less it was starting to get to me.

But finally, this week, the man with the BIG DOG said 'Show me sit and drop' and then he told mummy off for saying 'Liffey drop' and Liffey sit' rather than just sit and drop and I thought for sure it would be another week in basics for us. BUT NO he said 'go to intermediates next week'!! Yeah! I am so excited about next week- I get to practice dropping for longer and mummy has to put the lead down- cool hey!!

Well gotta go practice- don't want to look like a dufus at my first intermediate class.
Liffey's licks to one and all

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dog Star

Uncle Jon loves to sing- sigh! I spent most of my holiday covering my ears. But when mummy and daddy came to pick me up I was in such a great mood that I was persuaded to give it a go. Cousin Jem and I went head to head. Jem wanted do a hard rock song but I persuded her to give some Madonna a go.
'Like a Virgin- huh- touched for the very first time'
Oh yes I rocked- move over Pop Idol- Dog Idol here I come.
Liffey's licks to you all

Saturday, July 11, 2009

HOme Again

Life is good! I have returned home after a overly long duration away from my home, my bones and my mummy and daddy. Uncle Jon and Cousin Jem were good hosts but really, only a home will do.
Since being back Mummy and daddy have regalled me with tales of their skiing. Turns out skiing is a thing and not a place and that you do it in white stuff called 'snow'. mummy and daddy says if it ever snows on the hills near here they will take me to see it. I don't know though cause this white stuff looks awfully cold- mummy is wearing more clothes than I have ever seen in all the photos!! Think I might need boots to keep my paws warm if we ever go.

Mummy says they went skiing in a place called New Zealand. She says there is lots of sheep there and also big big hills called mountains. Mummy and daddy bought me a stuffy back from Zealand- they say it is Kevin the Kiwi. It makes a funny chirping noise when I pick it up.

Sadly, mummy and daddy will not let me investigate the inside o Kevin to see where the noise is coming from. Just as I am getting set in they take him off me- humph! I keep trying to run away but despite my excellent swerving moves they always seem to catch me. Still ii give them a good run around!!
Ever since they got back Mummy keeps saying 'ouch' a lot. She says she hurt her leg skiing, which seems like a silly thing to do. She says it is alright but we have to be gentle with her for a while. Honestly, they go away and levae me and come back and demand that I do not play rough with them on the floor. Humph again!!

Well I will look forwards to catching up with you all,
Liffey's licks to you all

PS- I was very disappointed to have not won Eduardo's most meditattive pose contest- I WAS meditating Mango- and I feel very unloved that I got zeros percents in the readers choice. SIGH- perhaps I will do better in the dufus contest that starts today. Wish me luck!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

No fair

Mummy and Daddy are going smoewhere called skiing and they say that I can't go too. They are going for a whole week so I have to go stay with Uncle Jon and silly cousin Jem. Humph.

So I won't be able to post for a while- no access to a computer or mummy's opposable thumbs. Sigh.

Enjoy the week guys,
Liffey's licks to you