Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spring is here!!

Spring has sprung in Melbourne. I got to sunbathe all day today upon my deck. Had oe of my favourite breast bones to chew on and the big tree near the fence is making beautiful smells- ahh what a lovely day. It distracted me slightly from all the upsetables that are going on around here...

Mummy is still eating like a horse but now she says she can't walk me cause she feels sick. But mummy, surely if you stopped eating you might feel better. Sigh. It does not make any sense.

Also mumy is very very tierd. I am trying to look after her as Daddy is in Singapore this week but she doesn't always seem to appreciate my efforts. Yesterday I tried to sit next to her on the sofa to keep her warm and cosy but, oh no, I got told to 'get down'. No fair. Then i tried tosnuggle right up to her in bed and she pushed me away. Huh!?

Here are my best efforts at care:

Liffeys Licks to you all