Monday, April 27, 2009

Big Trouble

I am in sooooooooooooooooooooo much trouble that I am not allowed to blog tonight.

No Liffey's Licks for anyone

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Mummy and Daddy have spent the whole weekend painting and apparantly that does not involve me.  I tried to stay out of the way by sleeping on the bed and on the sofa- however apparantly that is not for me either.  Sigh...why is human life so dog unfriendly- I only want to help!

(Me on the bed before I was removed in disgust!)

Anyhoo, Mummy left the door open so I could see her painting and I sat as close as I could.  Mummy said that was a sure fire way for me 
to gain some extra white spots, which I did, but I think I look cool, kinda like a backwards dalmation.  Daddy said I could be the foreman- Mummy said more like fore'dog'!

(Me watching the painting! It was fairly boring)

Look what Daddy painted for Mummy- isn't he cute, (although Uncle John said daddy just loved TV too much and they all laughed.  I'm not really sure that I get the joke!)

Uncle Jon and Cousin Jem have come round to help now but Jem is eating her dinner so I am not allowed near her.  Mummy says I don't give other dogs time to savour their food before nudging in.  Again, I'm just trying to help- noone likes left over dog food!

Maybe she will save me some- you never know.  

Liffey's Licks 


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

break out!

Today I went to visit the bothersome beagle next door.  
Unfortunatley I am apparantly not supposed to visit the bothersome beagle next door.  
So now I am in the dog house with mum and she has blocked up my hole in the fence so bothersome beagle and I can not have our usuual daily sniffs.

liffeyslicks to you all

Monday, April 20, 2009

Boring day

Mummy went back to work today so I was all alone! Aww poor me.

Here's what I did.  

1.  Chewed the guilt offering bone that mummy and daddy left me with
2. Sun bathed on top of the spa cover
3.  Jumped up at the bbq and broke a glass (mummy says daddy is naughty for leaving it there)
4.  Found an empty plant pot and had a good chew.
5.  Sniffed
6.  Barked at the bothersome beagle next door
7.  Slept

I was sooooo bored!

But now mummy is home and we can play and go walkies- yeah!!  

Liffeys licks to you all

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Phew, what a day!

Yesterday was the bestest day in ages.  I had so much fun.
It started worringly though with me being put outside with a bone.  I wondered where mum and dad were going as this is the 'bye bye' ritual but it turns out they weren't going anywahere!  THey just spent the day doing something secrative in the front bedroom!!  It seemed to involve noisy machines, buckets of water and new noo noo, the tiny vacum cleaner.  Mum says I can see when it is finished but for now they don't want my black hairs in there.

Anyhoo... back to the bone.  It was scrumptious.  Mummy had once again forgotten to defrost it so it was a little cold but I soon 
thawed it with my chomping.  It was an excellent start to the day.  

At lunch time mummy had finished on the secret project and she said I could help her build the new IKEA chairs.  I tried to hold one end for her but she siad that wasn't very helpful so I just sat behind her on the sofa and she was concentrating so hard that she didn't even throw me off- victory for me!!!  We built a chair- itr was very nice- but I didn't likethe noisy tool dad told mum to ude, it went vroom vroom vroom very loudly.

Then mummy said we were going on a walk to meet her friends 
and their dogs.  We went to Warrandyte in daddy's new car- Tiggy 
the Tiguan- and I was very concerned cause mummy was driving it all by herslef for the first time but phew we got there without accident.  Then I met them, Diesel the lab and Kizzy the shetland shepdog.  And oh, I think that I am in love with Diesel.  He smells so good and he likes to play and he is so cute.  Kizzy was cool but she was 10 so a bit boring.  SHe ignored all my best play moves, even the one where i jumped over the top of her.  We had an awesome walk.

Then, in the evening, I put on my most sad face and wonder of wonders, I was allowed to watch the Saturday night movie on the sofa!!!  Oh yes, it was a great, awesome, pawtastic day.

Liffey's Licks to one and all 

Friday, April 17, 2009

IN Trouble Again

Last night cousin Jem went home.  At first I thought that was pretty cool, house to myself again, mum and dad were all mine but then I got bored.   Actually I get bored fairly easily, mum says it'sbecause I'm sooooo clever, dad says its cause I'm a doofus.  What's a doofus???

Anyway, mum and dad were off in another room and I was looking for something to doso I started chewing .  Ever since I've arrived here there's been these creepy girrafes on top of shoes that mum likes to wear indoors (odd, very odd), and I've wanted rid of them.  Normally mum protects the giraffes but this time there they were just waiting for me.  So I hd a chew.  It was great.  White spongey stuff flying every where.  The girrafe lookiong at me in horror!! THen dad came ou
t.  Boy did he sound cross.  He yelled and said that mum was gonna be really mad.  I went to check on mum, she ignored me- ME the one who protects her- she wouldn't even lok at me.  Dad put me outside.  

But outside is kinda fun too, cause next door to mum and dads huge hot bath thing there were these funny looking white lights that I heard dad tell mum weren't working any more.  So I helped him out by chewing one up.  I did it ever so carefully, put the little ball bearings in one place.  But then Dad came out.  He 
yelled again. I tried to tell him I was just helping him out but he didn't get it.  oh, life is hard for a pup.

They left me outside for ages and ages, I don't mind telling you that I cried, real tears, not the manipulative let me inside kind. 

Eventually they let me in and I did my bets, 'I'm sorry' look and went on best behaviour, do as I'm told, mode.  Mum said, 'It's ok' and gave me a big cuddle and then even dad put his arm around me.  We had big family cuddles in bed.  Ahhhh all is well with the world again.  But I do miss you Jemmy, life is dull without you, when are you coming back to visit??

Liffey's Licks to you all, (even mum and dad)


Thursday, April 16, 2009


I had a great night last night.  Dad was away so I was in prime protection spot on the bed ensuring mum was ok.  i tried to get as close to her as possible so nothing could hurt her but she didn't seem to want me on her pillow- doesn't she know that I am just doing my job?
Sadly though, this morning was not as good.  Jemmy, my boxer cousin, (by marriage, not genetics- that would be silly!), stayed the night and this morning I thought it would be a good idea to have a play.  Jemmy didn't really agree- she is such a bore.  I tried all my best play tactics but she was having none of it.
Eventually mum put told jem to go on her bed and I cuddled down for breakfast in bed with mum.  But when breakfast was finished I
 thought Jemmy might have been fully rested and ready for a romp. 
 So I jumped of the 
bed.  Mum was not impressed and said I was
 spoiling her last day of school holidays.  SHE PUT ME OUTSIDE.  Can you believe it?!  Jemmy got to stay inside and I was banished.  Not a happy pup.  When does that cousin go home?

Liffey's licks to you all- (except mum)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Me when I was a baby!

Liffey'sLicks to you all 

Gotta love the Liffey!

Well hi there,

I thought it was about time I started my own dogblog cause with my cuteness and general gorgeousness I just know that everyone will want to know all about me.

I was a poor lonely pup, living on the streets until the RSPCA picked me up and my mummy persuaded my daddy to take me home, (my big brown eyes helped to I'm told).

I'm a 8 month oldish part labrador, part wolfhound, although noone really knows which part is which.  

I love playing, playing and playing with anybody who comes near and I love to cuddle on soft things, blankets, donnas, double beds- anything that gives my butt the cosiness it deseerves after my harsh time on the streets.

Well that's it for now, I'll introduce you to miore abuot me once I figure this thing out properly.  RIght now I need to go and stop the bothersome beagle next door from barking.

Liffey'sLicks for you all!!!