Friday, April 17, 2009

IN Trouble Again

Last night cousin Jem went home.  At first I thought that was pretty cool, house to myself again, mum and dad were all mine but then I got bored.   Actually I get bored fairly easily, mum says it'sbecause I'm sooooo clever, dad says its cause I'm a doofus.  What's a doofus???

Anyway, mum and dad were off in another room and I was looking for something to doso I started chewing .  Ever since I've arrived here there's been these creepy girrafes on top of shoes that mum likes to wear indoors (odd, very odd), and I've wanted rid of them.  Normally mum protects the giraffes but this time there they were just waiting for me.  So I hd a chew.  It was great.  White spongey stuff flying every where.  The girrafe lookiong at me in horror!! THen dad came ou
t.  Boy did he sound cross.  He yelled and said that mum was gonna be really mad.  I went to check on mum, she ignored me- ME the one who protects her- she wouldn't even lok at me.  Dad put me outside.  

But outside is kinda fun too, cause next door to mum and dads huge hot bath thing there were these funny looking white lights that I heard dad tell mum weren't working any more.  So I helped him out by chewing one up.  I did it ever so carefully, put the little ball bearings in one place.  But then Dad came out.  He 
yelled again. I tried to tell him I was just helping him out but he didn't get it.  oh, life is hard for a pup.

They left me outside for ages and ages, I don't mind telling you that I cried, real tears, not the manipulative let me inside kind. 

Eventually they let me in and I did my bets, 'I'm sorry' look and went on best behaviour, do as I'm told, mode.  Mum said, 'It's ok' and gave me a big cuddle and then even dad put his arm around me.  We had big family cuddles in bed.  Ahhhh all is well with the world again.  But I do miss you Jemmy, life is dull without you, when are you coming back to visit??

Liffey's Licks to you all, (even mum and dad)



  1. Always nice to meet another labradog, especially black ones like me. Seems that you are also underappreciated for your artistic talents.

    I get to use Mango's blog on Sundays, but Momma says I can't have my very own blog because at 15 months I am still a baby (uck).


  2. Hi, Liffey!
    Nice to meet you! Thanks for coming to visit my blog!
    Like Dexter said sure your mom and dad don't appreciate your help!
    being left outside does not sound very funny! Be a good boy and everything will be ok!
    Kisses and hugs