Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flying Lessons and Cousin Jem- oh and a much promised film review!

Hello to all my friends!! I am feeling most bark worthy after a pawtastic weekend.  On Friday night my cousin Jemma came to stay with Uncle John for 2 whole nights.  Now, as you will know, Jemma and I have not always got on but this time it was ok.  Mummy says it is cause I have grown up an 'iccle bit but really it's cause Jem and I had a little chat and decided that it is best to be friends!  Jem was very interested in my blog.  Sadly, she still doesn't really want to cuddle with me, and despite me giving the BEST kisses on the nose she wouldn't kiss me back.  Uncle Jon says I should keep trying.

On Saturday we all, Mummy; Daddy, Uncle Jon, Jem and me went to an odd place.  There was these big birds that kept making a lot of whirring noises and then flying away and then coming back.  Daddy got into one of the big birds and left me with mummy, Jem and Uncle Jon on the ground.  I cried quite a bit cause I didn't know where Daddy had gone but mummy said it was Ok so I trieded my best to be brave.  Daddy was gone for at least the time it takes me to chew a bone, then his birdie landed and he got out.  I kissed him all over and gave him big cuddles.  He was very happy- that bird must have been pretty cool!

I enjoyed a spot of giant bird watching with mummy whilst daddy was flying!

I was a bit miffed though cause this random lady (pic below) gave Cousin Jem lots of 'ttention and me only a 'iccle bit- I AM only a pup and she is old and grey- I AM THE CUTEST surely!!  And then Jem wouldn't shut up about it.  She was all up n my face bout it!  But I got my own back cause Daddy bought me a ginerbread man at the bakery and jemma didn't have ANY!!

In the evening, we all watched Marley and Me which I have been wanting to watch for ages cause  ummy says that the book is part of the reason that she got me.  Me and Jem wanted popcorns for the movie but the hoomans said no cause I didn't eat my dinner.  

We took it in turns to comfort the hoomans cause it was a touchy feely film but Jemma did steal some of the best cuddles.  Mummy says I was being stand offish but I just like my space when I watch a movie.

It was a good film- plenty of doggie action and a rather nice play boy dog playing Marley in his middle age.  Jemma said he was too old for me but she's just jealous cause an old bird like her could never get him.  Cousin Jem would have to go for the old old old dog that played dying marley- arf arf!!  

Marley was a very very very naughty dog, although Daddy says I should be careful what I says cause Marley never chewed up a spa pool lid.  BUT I never wrecked a room like Marley!   The saddest bit was at the end of the film- boo hoo, it made me cry a little.  But mummy came and gave me big hugs and then daddy did and then Uncle Jon did and Jemma got hugs too and it was all OK and we played rolly poly ion the floor till we were all laughing again.

Jemma's gone home now and I am a little bit bored so am looking for smoething to chew but mummy has removed all the good toys cause she says otherwise they don't last 2 minutes.  But surely that's what toys are for...chewing?!!

Well Liffey's licks to you all- hope you had as good a weekend as me.  Mummy says next weekend I might have my first swimming lesson- stay tuned! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Daddy came home!

With all the excitement of my BIG WALK I forgot to say that daddy got home safe and sound!!

KNowing that a battle was going to commence about the sleeping arraqngements I made sure to settle on the bed early in the evening whilst no one else was around.

then mummy came in and gave me a lecture about hoomans and dogs and the right places to sleep. I of course disagreed whith her silently and held my pose.

Next she tried to 'oust' me physically which I did not take kindly to.

I then had 'words' with mummy! (those of a nervous disposition should close their eyes now- it's a bite- honest!! I'm just not very 'gressive!)).

When mummy wasn't looking daddy crawled in with me and we played roly poly on the bed.

Mummy doesn't look too comfy on the beanbag in the laundry hey!! See how you like it mummy!!!

Only joking you can go cuddle with daddy now- I'm finished
Liffey's licks to you all

Monday, May 18, 2009

Million Paws

Yesterdays I saw millions of paws! Really I did. I think that it may have been one of the most exciting days of my life.

I saw big paws

and little paws (is that even a dog infront of me- wait up mate I need to have a sniff!)

spotty paws (see big paw picture!) and plain paws

paws with owners in funny jackets (not mummy- the funny little black thing next to her)

and paws that looked like cows! And there were some 'odd' paws that I didn't much like!

I even saw some paws that couldn't walk and were in push chairs!! Or being carried (I told them it was cheating !)

I was pooped by the end but mummy went in a special tent and bnought me treats- dried chicken, a roo chew and a pork chew- very yummy!! I even gave wine tasting a try.

I slept in the car all the way home!

It was a fab fab fab day and best of all mummy says we can do it all again next year, although tis time daddy will park at the right end of the lake and we will not be late! Mummy says we did the walk to support the RSPCA cause they rescued me when I was down and out but I think that we really did it just cause we wanted to!

Liffey's licks to you all

PS- mummy says sorry that the photos are rubbishy she forgot her camara and had to use the phone!

Friday, May 15, 2009

D Day

Otherwise known as Daddy day.
Today daddy gets home- YEAH!!  Mummy says I shouldn't be so happy about it cause it means no more of this

or this  

but I think I can persued daddy to change his mind- after
 all he was the one who left me alone all week!

For some strange reason mummy was not happy when she woke up this morning to find me giving her a close up cuddle.   She said I was snoring but she ought to hear herself- I had to lie on top of her to try to get her to move. (mummy objected to me uploading these photos as she says she looks terrible first thing in the morning but I h
ad to show you what I put up with- for goodness sake she was on MY pillow!).

When muumy got up I had to stay in bed for an extra hour or so cause I was so tired from all her snoring.  Then mummy came in and said it was time to move.  When I did my best, 'I am sleeping' moves mummy did something VERY strange- she started growling at me!!  I think mummy needs daddy back quickly!!  In the meantime I had
 to try to control her- see below.
Once in control I then explained to mummy that due to her snoring and growling in bed she will tonight be sleeping on the beanbag in the laundry whilst I share the bed with my long lost daddy.  I licked her face to make sure she understood and she threw me outside!! We'll see what tonight bringS!

Tommorrow Mummy says I am doing a million paws- I don't know what she means but it sure sounds like fun!  Will let you know.

Liffey's Licks to you all

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are you lonesome tonight? I am!!

I am feeling very sad cause Daddy is in Japan all week.  Mummy is trying her best to console me but 1 hooman is just not as good as 2.  Not even the dalmation in the park who tried to hump my head could cheer me up.  Not even cuddles on the sofa with mummy.  

As you can see, I tried calling Daddy but it is very tricky without opposable thumbs.


Daddy- if you're reading- a huge Liffey's Licks for you
Humph- sigh

Friday, May 8, 2009

Movie Night

I am scared to tell you last nights news cause I don't want the great big Mango to drool on me- promise Mango? It wasn't my fault, honest and mummy says to tell you it wasn't her fault either, so no drooling on her. What happened was that Mummy and daddy said it was my turn for video choice for family night so I chose Marley and Me and Hotel for Dogs after mangos bark worthy write up. But in the video shop Marley and me was all out and mummy couldn't find Hotel for Dogs. She asked at the counter and the lady said it has not been released yet. We in Oz are so far behind- but it is not our fault Mango so NO drooling! Mummy says we can watch it as soon as it comes out. Mummy phoned home and I barked for a classic like Lassie or Benji but Daddy wanted a thriller and he won. We watched this kidnap movie with lots of blood and shooting and NO dogs. Not a single one. How does that classify as MY choice?? I have made mummy promise that it will be MY CHOICE next weekend. It had better be or there will be major league sulking!

To make matter worse, daddy wanted pizza and Mummy let him have it and despite all my bestest pleadings none was passed down to me. I did get a stinking tooth cleaning bone but how does that even begin to compare to pizza? Ahh, mummy and daddy have a lot to learn. Good job I am here to teach them.

Liffey's Licks to you all

THings I have learnt

I have now not been a lost and lonely stray for over 3 months and during that time I have learnt many things about living with hoomans.  Here are some of the most important ones:

1.  Do not eat dinner unless it has the correct amount of hooman food nutrients.  Sometimes this means going hungry but it is better than a diet of pure dog food- yuk!
2.  Spa pool covers are not for chewing.
3.  When getting to the end of a walk, run away to avoid leash capture.
4.  Behaving at puppy training means lots of treats and cuddles- do not continue said good behaviour at home or hoomans will forget treats at next training.
5.  A perfect, 'Ididn't do it' look helps in most situations.
6.  Crying loudly results in being told off but a pitiful whine works wonders.
7.  Hooman beds and sofas are the best places to rest- but jump down before the hoomans see.
8.  If number 7 is not avaliable an heated hole in the floor will sufice- although sometimes the heat disappears after a while.
9.  Always remember where bones are buried, (then if the hoomans do try to give dog food there is always a tasty snack on hand).
10.  Cousins are not always fun.

These are just 10 of my lessons- as I learn more I will keep you posted.
Liffey's Licks to you all

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


YEah- I have a new niece!!
Congratulations to Aunty Sarah, Uncle Rich and cousin ROnnie and WELCOME HILDA!!!!
She is of the human variety but I stilll love her.
Will post photos soon,
Liffey's Licks for Hilda

Minnie moo's Challenge

Look- my first ever go at a challenge!  Thank's Minnie Moo (, this was fun.  I saw the puppy and fell in love- now I can dote on him for eternity!!

Liffey's Licks to Minnie and all

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Big Day Out

Ahh... after a relaxing hour on my heated hole mummy and daddy packed me up and put me in the car.  daddy was kind enough to put the middle seat down in tiggy the Tiguan so that I could see him and mummy but still, I was not overly impressed with this being in the boot malarky!

Anyhoo we drove for ages and ages and mummy was dead excited and then we stopped and we got out and we 
were at Kepala Dog retreat!!!  It was like a country club for dogs with lots of runs, an agility course, an indoor pool and outdoor lagoon pool and a sand run and grass runs.  It was 
full of amazing smells and lots of howls from nearby dogs, (mummy says some doggys go on over night holidays there and thats what I could hear).  

I went in the lagoon pool first but I have to admit that, being only a baby, I am not yet so sure of myself in the water.  So this nice lady suggested I wore a life vest which made me feel much more secure although I still didn't particuarly want to 
take my feet off the bottom.   the hoomans say hat next time we go I will have a swimming lesson in the indoor pool so that I know what to do.  But I keep reminding them that I'm only a pup!!!  I'm a bit scared...

After, when we got out we went on the agility course.  Mummy and daddy took it in turns but I had to do it every time- boy was it tiring.  I liked the balance beam and most of the jumps but there was this wierd seesaw thing that made a big clunking noise that I didn't much like.  the bestest bit was that I got loads and loads of treats.  The worstest bit was that I could hear and smell other pups but I couldn't visit with them.  That was a bit fustrawtinng!!!

I had fun in the sand yard after the agility.  I had a few mad puppy minutes playing and daddy picked me up by my toy.  He said I am getting a bit hea
vy for that now.  It's not nice to talk about my weght like that daddy- I'm only little you know.  Mummy and daddy keep saying that I think that I am a chiwowa- what's one of them???!!! 

Well, now I am home again and the heated blowing things are blowing.  All is well with the world.

Ahh, Liffey's Licks to all

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Find

Today I discovered holes in the floor that have heat coming out of them.  Unadulterated luxery AND it doesn't appear to be naughty!  ahhhhhhhh...happiness!

Huge Liffey's Licks to you all 

Friday, May 1, 2009

My week of naughtiness!

So mummy says I can blog again cause she forgives me- who wouldn't with my cute, imploring eyes!

 was a good day...then it was a bad day.  It all started when I got left outside in the cold, wet weather.  Normally I like to curl up ontop of the giant outdoor bath thing cause it is nce and warm but on Monday I was over taken by this urge to have a little nibble of the plastic cover.  And then the little nibble found white crumbly stuff underthe plastic and the next thing I knew white stuff was flying every where.  Oh boy, I enjoyed it so much- biting and scratching and sending tiny white balls everywhere. I was so into it that I kinda forgot that I'm not supposed to chew things up and it wasn't until I was finished and sat back that I re
alised how much trouble I was gonna be in!

Mummy and Daddy were SO mad.  Nobody talked to me or looked at me for ages.  But I did my biggest 'please forgive me' sighs and I lay very still and I made my eyes as round as could be and eventually they gave in and we all made up.  I licked them and licked them to let them know how sorry I was.  I'm only a pup you know and I'm trying my bestest I really am!  Daddy played with me to let me know it was all ok again- I showed him how to play bitey face like my new friend Dexter does with his big bro!

The next day, all was back to normal and mummy took me for a walkie.  We bumped into all my friends at the oval and there were some new puppies there too.  We big dogs found a great water ditch to play in but then Bennet, the silly Jack Russel dog who has a crush on me and my bottom, decided to join us but he nearly drownded!!  Silly Bennett.  

Funnily enough, I have been doing a lot more walking than normal since Monday- so much so that now, when I see rabbits I am not even sure that I have the energy to chase them. Also, Mummy has been stuffing my breakfast inside new toys.  Wonder why...

Well, there is so much more I could say about this week but am so behind after mummy banned me from blogging.  will catch you up later with all my fun and tell you about my new toys and blankie,
Liffey's Licks to one and all