Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flying Lessons and Cousin Jem- oh and a much promised film review!

Hello to all my friends!! I am feeling most bark worthy after a pawtastic weekend.  On Friday night my cousin Jemma came to stay with Uncle John for 2 whole nights.  Now, as you will know, Jemma and I have not always got on but this time it was ok.  Mummy says it is cause I have grown up an 'iccle bit but really it's cause Jem and I had a little chat and decided that it is best to be friends!  Jem was very interested in my blog.  Sadly, she still doesn't really want to cuddle with me, and despite me giving the BEST kisses on the nose she wouldn't kiss me back.  Uncle Jon says I should keep trying.

On Saturday we all, Mummy; Daddy, Uncle Jon, Jem and me went to an odd place.  There was these big birds that kept making a lot of whirring noises and then flying away and then coming back.  Daddy got into one of the big birds and left me with mummy, Jem and Uncle Jon on the ground.  I cried quite a bit cause I didn't know where Daddy had gone but mummy said it was Ok so I trieded my best to be brave.  Daddy was gone for at least the time it takes me to chew a bone, then his birdie landed and he got out.  I kissed him all over and gave him big cuddles.  He was very happy- that bird must have been pretty cool!

I enjoyed a spot of giant bird watching with mummy whilst daddy was flying!

I was a bit miffed though cause this random lady (pic below) gave Cousin Jem lots of 'ttention and me only a 'iccle bit- I AM only a pup and she is old and grey- I AM THE CUTEST surely!!  And then Jem wouldn't shut up about it.  She was all up n my face bout it!  But I got my own back cause Daddy bought me a ginerbread man at the bakery and jemma didn't have ANY!!

In the evening, we all watched Marley and Me which I have been wanting to watch for ages cause  ummy says that the book is part of the reason that she got me.  Me and Jem wanted popcorns for the movie but the hoomans said no cause I didn't eat my dinner.  

We took it in turns to comfort the hoomans cause it was a touchy feely film but Jemma did steal some of the best cuddles.  Mummy says I was being stand offish but I just like my space when I watch a movie.

It was a good film- plenty of doggie action and a rather nice play boy dog playing Marley in his middle age.  Jemma said he was too old for me but she's just jealous cause an old bird like her could never get him.  Cousin Jem would have to go for the old old old dog that played dying marley- arf arf!!  

Marley was a very very very naughty dog, although Daddy says I should be careful what I says cause Marley never chewed up a spa pool lid.  BUT I never wrecked a room like Marley!   The saddest bit was at the end of the film- boo hoo, it made me cry a little.  But mummy came and gave me big hugs and then daddy did and then Uncle Jon did and Jemma got hugs too and it was all OK and we played rolly poly ion the floor till we were all laughing again.

Jemma's gone home now and I am a little bit bored so am looking for smoething to chew but mummy has removed all the good toys cause she says otherwise they don't last 2 minutes.  But surely that's what toys are for...chewing?!!

Well Liffey's licks to you all- hope you had as good a weekend as me.  Mummy says next weekend I might have my first swimming lesson- stay tuned! 


  1. Hi, Liffey!
    Your Dad is so brave going in tha big bird!
    We watched Marley and Me the last weekend. We enjoyed it a lot and cried a lot too at the end!
    Swimming lessons?? Wow! I am sure you will enjoy them a lot!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. That movie has been banned from the Mango estate because it would make Momma too upset. What a wimp!

    Swimming???? I am jealous.


  3. oh wow, Liffey, you had such a busy time! I have no idea why you would not be made a fuss of by that lady, for you are so cuteypie!

    My Jeannie watched Marley and Me on the aeroplane when she visited Australia two months ago, she said it was very very very very sad, and funny all at the same time.

    I am late commenting because I have been away, trying to catch up with everypup!

    lotsaluv Marvin xxxxxx oh and Jeannie xxxxx

  4. That was a wonderful weekend. Keep working on Jemma - you will get that kiss one of these days. Mom has read the book Marley and Me but doesn't think she can watch the movie without causing a major flood with her tears.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack