Friday, May 1, 2009

My week of naughtiness!

So mummy says I can blog again cause she forgives me- who wouldn't with my cute, imploring eyes!

 was a good day...then it was a bad day.  It all started when I got left outside in the cold, wet weather.  Normally I like to curl up ontop of the giant outdoor bath thing cause it is nce and warm but on Monday I was over taken by this urge to have a little nibble of the plastic cover.  And then the little nibble found white crumbly stuff underthe plastic and the next thing I knew white stuff was flying every where.  Oh boy, I enjoyed it so much- biting and scratching and sending tiny white balls everywhere. I was so into it that I kinda forgot that I'm not supposed to chew things up and it wasn't until I was finished and sat back that I re
alised how much trouble I was gonna be in!

Mummy and Daddy were SO mad.  Nobody talked to me or looked at me for ages.  But I did my biggest 'please forgive me' sighs and I lay very still and I made my eyes as round as could be and eventually they gave in and we all made up.  I licked them and licked them to let them know how sorry I was.  I'm only a pup you know and I'm trying my bestest I really am!  Daddy played with me to let me know it was all ok again- I showed him how to play bitey face like my new friend Dexter does with his big bro!

The next day, all was back to normal and mummy took me for a walkie.  We bumped into all my friends at the oval and there were some new puppies there too.  We big dogs found a great water ditch to play in but then Bennet, the silly Jack Russel dog who has a crush on me and my bottom, decided to join us but he nearly drownded!!  Silly Bennett.  

Funnily enough, I have been doing a lot more walking than normal since Monday- so much so that now, when I see rabbits I am not even sure that I have the energy to chase them. Also, Mummy has been stuffing my breakfast inside new toys.  Wonder why...

Well, there is so much more I could say about this week but am so behind after mummy banned me from blogging.  will catch you up later with all my fun and tell you about my new toys and blankie,
Liffey's Licks to one and all


  1. Hi, Liffey!
    I can see why you were in trouble!
    Glad everything is ok, now!
    Sure you had a pawesome time there with your friends!
    I hope you have a great weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. I bitey face with momma and master too, but you have to be more gentle with them. Sorry about your little mishap. You were just entertaining yourself.