Friday, May 15, 2009

D Day

Otherwise known as Daddy day.
Today daddy gets home- YEAH!!  Mummy says I shouldn't be so happy about it cause it means no more of this

or this  

but I think I can persued daddy to change his mind- after
 all he was the one who left me alone all week!

For some strange reason mummy was not happy when she woke up this morning to find me giving her a close up cuddle.   She said I was snoring but she ought to hear herself- I had to lie on top of her to try to get her to move. (mummy objected to me uploading these photos as she says she looks terrible first thing in the morning but I h
ad to show you what I put up with- for goodness sake she was on MY pillow!).

When muumy got up I had to stay in bed for an extra hour or so cause I was so tired from all her snoring.  Then mummy came in and said it was time to move.  When I did my best, 'I am sleeping' moves mummy did something VERY strange- she started growling at me!!  I think mummy needs daddy back quickly!!  In the meantime I had
 to try to control her- see below.
Once in control I then explained to mummy that due to her snoring and growling in bed she will tonight be sleeping on the beanbag in the laundry whilst I share the bed with my long lost daddy.  I licked her face to make sure she understood and she threw me outside!! We'll see what tonight bringS!

Tommorrow Mummy says I am doing a million paws- I don't know what she means but it sure sounds like fun!  Will let you know.

Liffey's Licks to you all


  1. Hi, Liffey!
    You must be very happy now!
    I hope your Dad is at home and that you gave him a pawesome welcome!
    Kisses and hugs

    PS Nice pictures of you and your mom in the morning!

  2. Uh oh, you are going to get kicked out of the big bed once dad gets home. Not fair!!! Maybe dad will sleep on the bean bag bed with you.