Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daddy's Coming Home (again!)

Yes, daddy has been away again! He is always jetsetting off somewhere- this time it was Toronto. Mummy says the people there really like him so it is good that he goes cause then we might get extra money for foodies and things.

Well, mummy decided that I smelt bad, (HONESTLY!! How rude) so she insisted on showering me. I did my best to resist this horror but the doggy choccies drew me in- my tummy just can't resist those morsels. Once in the torture chamber SHE covered me in some yukky smelling stuff and threw water over me. Then she did it all again. Yuk yuk yuk!

When she eventually let me out I tried to regain my dignity by getting water and my lovely black hairs everywhere to show her who is boss. However, this just resulted in her rubbing me all over with a towel- which I tried to catch and eat but mummy is FAST!

All the torture over she let me lie on the sofa. Ahh, some kind of comfort at least.

Now- stories of torture over I want to enter a few contests- but mummy is never quite sure how to do it, (seriously- she is a bit of a dufus in the computer department!). so I will post my entries here and then go tell my bloggy friends with the contests and see if they willl accept my entry.

So for the Rocky Creek Scottie Adventure( 100th blog contest here I am sticking my tongue out!!

Am I allowed more than one entry?/ I should be cause I have a cool tongue!! I think it MAY even be bigger than Mangos!

And for Eduardo's ( contest (which is EXTREMELY complicated and I get tired thinking of all the rules and stuff) here is my most meditative pose AND my dufus pose AND my paw positioning.
I am meditating about the location of my bones. I am sure Iburied them out there somewhere!

well mummy says something about having to clean the house, (does that smell too?) so I have to go.
Liffey's licks to you all

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sad News

Just wanted to say how sorry we were to hear the sad news about Dakota. We had not known her for long but we know she will be missed.
Special Liffey's Licks for allher family and friends

Monday, June 22, 2009

Misty Walk

Sadly there are no photos to prove the happenings of this post to be real but trust me, it is all entirely true!!

This morning mummy and I went out for our usual early morning walk. It was still fairly dark so I usualy stick pretty close to mummy even when I am off the leash. Today, when we got to the park it was covered in a strange white mist. Mummy said we would be like gorillas and go in to it- I didn't understand what she was jabbering on about but off we went.

We walked up to the place where the tasty horse poo is and I tucked in (and waited to be yelled at!). When I looked up all I could see was whiteness. No mummy! My life as a stray rushed back to mind and I started to go into puppy panic. But then I thought, NO, I am a big puppy now and I can take care of myself. So I put my nose to the ground and sniffed my way to the woods, down the hill, past the little barky dog, (I stopped to say hi for a little while), cross the road, up the big hill and to my house. Mummy wasn't there so I sat down on the door mat and hoped that she wasn't puppy panicing either!

Then I heard mummy and I ran down the drive to her- so proud of myself for getting home. Her eyes were leaking and she let me jump up at her and kiss her and then she sat on the drive and hugged me and told me NEVER to do that again. I don't understand her sometimes- she seemed so happy, then mad, then happy again. Strange mummy!

I think mummy puppy panicked so I am looking after her very carefully today to make sure she is OK and not too upset. Sleeping on her feet seems to be calming for her.

Liffey's licks to you all

Friday, June 19, 2009

Big bone

No time to blog today- have to eat bone!! Could take some time- bone appears to have come from a T-Rex. Will explore further and let you know.

Liffey's bone smelling licks to you
(it's gonna be a good weekend- I can feel it in my bone!!!)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Rusty Roo

Today I would like to tell you about my bestest friend. Her name is Rusty and she is a staffy lab cross. Mummy and daddy said that they knew Rusty Roo a long time before they knew me and that if it wasn't for Rusty Roo they may never have wanted a dog at all. here is a photo of rusty as a baby.

Anyhoo, when mummy and daddy first introduced me to Rusty she wasn't sure about me. I was only a puppy and she was a big grown up 2 year old. I am EVERYONES friend but Rusty is a bit more selective. I worked very hard on kissing her and jumping on her and running near her just to show her that we could be buddies. And it worked!! Rusty is now my best friend and I play with her every week whilst the hoomans talk and eat dinner. My favourite game is standing on the picnic table and then pouncing on Rusty. Mummy says this game is naughty but I don't know why?!

I EVEN spent a whole day with Rusty once- it was SO MUCH FUN!! We played taggy a lot and some bitey face and we even played escape from the garden- but Rusty's mummy said that game was 'not on'. Huh!

Here is me and Rusty Roo playing in her back yard. She even has a pool- cool huh!!
Rusty has a baby hooman sister who makes a lot of noise. I try to cheer her up by doing the puupy zoomies and kissing her but then she just makes even more noise. She does havethis cool little table though that is just the right height for a tall dog like me- it was very thoughtful of her to have it that way cause now I can share dinner with her. Yum yum. She isn't as excited bout it though.
Well gotta go- dogs to see, rabbits to chase.
Liffeys licks to ya all

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A mutt of many talents...

I have had the most amazing 10 days.

First, my daddy had a quiet week at work - you know he has the BEST job in the world. He fixes things. And because he's so amazingly good at fixing things, when they are all working, he doesn't have any work to do! How good is that?
So, as he was so quiet, he was home for four whole days! I got to sleep in every morning - no bleary-eyed walks before dawn! YAY!

And he spoilt me rotten too - lots of pig's ears.

Then the weekend came and we had such a cool time - we went to the beach and my cousin Jemmy taught me a few new tricks
The 'Tug-O-War' manoeuvre

The 'apple -bob'

And most importantly - 'doggy paddle'

Mummy said that i need to start being more brave in the water - when summer comes round, this will be a great way to stay cool!

At the end of our fun on the beach something really strange happened - i found myself in uncle Jon's car and mummy and daddy disappeared! I was whooshed away to cousin Jemmy's house! And oh! how spoiled I was! Uncle Jon is quite the chef, and he made pizza on sunday night. As well as my normal dinner, I was allowed to have a slice for myself! The labrador in me was in doggie heaven!

To top the whole weekend off, uncle jon let me sleep in his bedroom! what a great treat. But then the wheels began to fall off - my tummy started to hurt and i tried to wake uncle jon, but he didn't hear me. I was so worried and in so much pain. I needed to go to to the green spikey stuff to relieve myself, but it was still dark and even cousin Jemmy was still asleep.

I made more noise, but still no one stirred. My tummy got really big - like a balloon - and then the pressure had to come out somewhere. Yup, you guessed it. Uncle Jon's bedroom walls and carpet suddenly became smelly and brown and wet.

Uncle Jon said it was like a scene from Trainspotting, whatever that is. Maybe i'll go easy on the pizza from now on?

Anyway, that night I was out having a wee when Mummy and Daddy came round! I almost had forgotten what they looked like, but I was sooooo excited - what a happy pup i was! I gave my goodbye licks to Jon and Jemmy and we headed to my proper home - hooray!

As we were driving home, daddy said he was 'feeling ruff'. I didn't know what he meant - he's hooman after all. he was making some strange sounds too.

The next day was supposed to be a normal day - early walk then the day in the yard chewing my way through a nice fresh bone. But something was amiss. I didn't get my walk. Now that's not a bad thing at all because I hate getting up when it's still dark and frosty. Then mummy was up and in the shower, but no sign of daddy. Now I knew he was there because by my doggy deduction, if I have to sleep in the noisey machine room, then daddy is home.

So I decided to investigate while mummy was in the shower. I sniffed around the bedroom, and I could smell him, but couldn't hear him. I jumped on the bed and there was a huge lump there, but no sign of even a forehead to lick. Then I heard a groan. then another. THERE HE WAS! He was hiding. But nothing I did could make him smile and he got all firm with me and told me to get down.

It turns out he thought he had swine flu but only has what mummy calls 'man flu'. And this is the best thing in the world - he's been home ALL week long, meaning I got to stay inside and cuddle up and look after him for ever! I think mummy is jealous of all the love, but daddy says not to be so silly, but even so, he went out today and bought some bright smelly flowers - something to do with a wedding anniversary - whatever that is!

Well, it's thursday night and do you know what that means? Doggy Training! woof woof!

Liffey's licks to y'all

Wednesday, June 3, 2009