Monday, June 22, 2009

Misty Walk

Sadly there are no photos to prove the happenings of this post to be real but trust me, it is all entirely true!!

This morning mummy and I went out for our usual early morning walk. It was still fairly dark so I usualy stick pretty close to mummy even when I am off the leash. Today, when we got to the park it was covered in a strange white mist. Mummy said we would be like gorillas and go in to it- I didn't understand what she was jabbering on about but off we went.

We walked up to the place where the tasty horse poo is and I tucked in (and waited to be yelled at!). When I looked up all I could see was whiteness. No mummy! My life as a stray rushed back to mind and I started to go into puppy panic. But then I thought, NO, I am a big puppy now and I can take care of myself. So I put my nose to the ground and sniffed my way to the woods, down the hill, past the little barky dog, (I stopped to say hi for a little while), cross the road, up the big hill and to my house. Mummy wasn't there so I sat down on the door mat and hoped that she wasn't puppy panicing either!

Then I heard mummy and I ran down the drive to her- so proud of myself for getting home. Her eyes were leaking and she let me jump up at her and kiss her and then she sat on the drive and hugged me and told me NEVER to do that again. I don't understand her sometimes- she seemed so happy, then mad, then happy again. Strange mummy!

I think mummy puppy panicked so I am looking after her very carefully today to make sure she is OK and not too upset. Sleeping on her feet seems to be calming for her.

Liffey's licks to you all


  1. That is a very scary story! I know you weren't lost, but you gave your mom a fright. Try not to do that again, OK?


  2. Ohhhhh Liffey, your mums must of been so frightened not knowing if you were still out there of if you had runn off or if she should stay of if she should see if you had gone home. next time sniff were you saw your mummy last. So you like Horsey veg balls, our humans dont knows what there missing.

  3. Liffey, that must have been so scary for your poor Mom. What WAS all that white stuff? It is so hot and humid here that Mom's glasses got all fogged over when she went outside to get the newspaper. Please stay closer to Mom from now on.

    woos, the OP Pack

  4. Hi, Liffey!
    OMD! That sounds very scary! Glad you got back home safely!
    Please give her kisses and hugs from us!
    Take care