Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daddy's Coming Home (again!)

Yes, daddy has been away again! He is always jetsetting off somewhere- this time it was Toronto. Mummy says the people there really like him so it is good that he goes cause then we might get extra money for foodies and things.

Well, mummy decided that I smelt bad, (HONESTLY!! How rude) so she insisted on showering me. I did my best to resist this horror but the doggy choccies drew me in- my tummy just can't resist those morsels. Once in the torture chamber SHE covered me in some yukky smelling stuff and threw water over me. Then she did it all again. Yuk yuk yuk!

When she eventually let me out I tried to regain my dignity by getting water and my lovely black hairs everywhere to show her who is boss. However, this just resulted in her rubbing me all over with a towel- which I tried to catch and eat but mummy is FAST!

All the torture over she let me lie on the sofa. Ahh, some kind of comfort at least.

Now- stories of torture over I want to enter a few contests- but mummy is never quite sure how to do it, (seriously- she is a bit of a dufus in the computer department!). so I will post my entries here and then go tell my bloggy friends with the contests and see if they willl accept my entry.

So for the Rocky Creek Scottie Adventure( 100th blog contest here I am sticking my tongue out!!

Am I allowed more than one entry?/ I should be cause I have a cool tongue!! I think it MAY even be bigger than Mangos!

And for Eduardo's ( contest (which is EXTREMELY complicated and I get tired thinking of all the rules and stuff) here is my most meditative pose AND my dufus pose AND my paw positioning.
I am meditating about the location of my bones. I am sure Iburied them out there somewhere!

well mummy says something about having to clean the house, (does that smell too?) so I have to go.
Liffey's licks to you all


  1. Love your sticky out tongue, your mums cant be as bad a computer dufus as mines, I really worked hard with her trying to get my tongue photo but no she clicked that flashy thing after i stuck it back in or before i stuck it out, duuur,

  2. All your contest entry photos are great. We are working on getting a good tongue shot of TD. We aren't too crazy about baths here either.

    Woos, TD and Phantom

  3. Hi, Liffey!
    Great pictures for the contests!
    I want a bath!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Liffey,
    I understand. My master is totally pooter challenged and can't even figure out how to do his own email. What a doofus.

    Hey, if you need help entering contests, just let me know. I'll see what I can do. I bet if you leave comments for the contest running doggies that they will come and pick up your pictures themselves. Just tell them about your mom. Sigh. We all must suffer with the people I am afraid.

    Oh yeah, your tongue is totally huge. I believe that certain doggies (like my dumb brother) have special tongue inflators or something.


  5. Good posturing pics, Liffey! Your tongue looks really cool. I bet we could have a licking contest if you came here.
    Love, Ruby