Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life is changing

Hello all,

Mummy is being very lazy at checking my blog recently and at helping me check everyone elses. EVen now she is refusing to get off her backside and walk to the study so that I can have pictures in this post. She says that she will put pictures up later.

Mummy says she has an excuse for being lazy and daddy says I have to be nice to her for about the next 7 months- curious!

Recently, mummy and daddy have also become a lot more stricter. All of a sudden I am not allowed to jump on the sofa or bed without permision and I even heard mummy telling daddy that I am going to have to spend more time outside- huh!! And yet mummy still seems to love me- she is ging me lots of special cuddles and I have to say that I am really enjoying it cause mummy smells a bit differerent to me- a really nice smell too!

Other mean things have happened to- like mummy got these cute teddy bears in the mail (and something else- like tiny little clothes- but they aren't gonna fit me) but when I tried to run off with 1 of the new bears mummy got really mad and shouted. But who else wants teddy bears in this house?!

Oh yeah AND mummy is eating EVERYTHING! Daddy keeps laughing at her for eating so much and mummy keeps looking at her belly in the mirror. I guess she is looking for fat rolls- silly mummy if you eat so much of course you will get fat rolls.

It is all very odd and I am very confused. Willl let you know if it becomes any clearer.
Liffeys confused licks to you all

Friday, August 7, 2009

Ready for a loooong post!!

Hello everyone! First, let me apologise for my mummy's laziness which has meant that I haven't been on the web much this week. She claims she has, 'too much on' but, honestly, doesn't she know that my social life is important. She claims that we may struggle for the next few weeks but I will try to convince her otherwise.

Anyway- enough of that- now I am here let me tell you about my spectacular, amazing first birthday!!!

So last Saturday mummy woke me up and told me it was my first birthday. She said food and pressies were involved so I figured this birthday thing must be OK. I got to sit on mummy's and daddy's bed whilst they ate breakfast AND for once they made a piece of toast for me!!!! mmmmmmm.... Anyway, after brekkie mummy brought in this pink present and told me I could open it.
Of course, being hooman, they did insist on some humiliating photos first:

(for goodness sake, I am 1- a grown woman, is this really necessary?)

Look what I got in the pink paper:
A kong stuffa ball!! It was already stuffed with roo and chicken- yummy!!!!! I also got a card which I was forced to read. Although I am very clever I do not like to read- I am more an experiential kinda dog.
When we had finished the manic present opening and general birthday merriment I was told there was another present for me in the kitchen- whohooo!! Look what I got:
Now is that a big bone or what??!!!! Doesn't daddy look shocked!! i think mummy must have bought the bone. Good old mummy- I forgive her for being lazy. I got to eat bone much as I wanted on my birthday. I like this birthday lark!!! Yummy yummy!!!!

The rest of the day was OK- eating bones, playing walking. But then, when it went dark mummy put bows in my hair and made me a special collar (that I sort of liked but it felt funny so I took it off).
And then Cousin Jemmy arrived for a surprise party!! Whohoo!! Apparently, it was also cousin Jem's birthday too- she was 7, (which is OLD). Jem was wearing her party outfit and she came in and strutted it about.
She is SUCH a show off.

THEN- would you believe it- MORE PREsENTS!!!
First one for Jem:
She got a squeaky duck but you can't really see it cause Cousin Jem has such a big mouth!

Then Uncle Jon gave me a pressie:
I got a squeaky rubber hamburger- which I thought might be real on the inside so the next day I ate it- and a pink tshirt- cool hey!!!! I am THE LUCKIEST pup alive.

By then we were all feeling a bit frisky so we had a bit of a boogie. Big headed Jem thought she had the best dance moves but I thought my head banging was fairly awesome:
Dancing makes a pup hungry so then we had dinner. After dinner was the BEST bit of my whole birthday. I got to sit at the table and eat cake. There was a cake for Jem and a cake for me. Mummy made mine so that doggies could eat it so I had to share with Jem whilst the hoomans ate Jem's cake. the hooman's did this strange thing first- they set fire to my cake and made me wait whilst they sang a very off tune, out of key song. Sigh- I just wanted to get to the eating!

Yum yums!! banana and yogurt flavour with roo, chicken and yogurt drop toppings!!! mmmm

This is Jem's cake- somehow I don't think Uncle Jon made it!
Guess what? / I got my first EVER ice cream with the cake. Boy that stuff was yummy!!! When the tub was finished mummy said I could have it but of course silly old Jem wanted in to so daddy MADE us share. I say my house my tubs but daddy said share and share alike- sigh.
But, don't worry I let her know how upset I was with her- paaaaarp in your face Jemma!!!!
It was all SO much fun. Almost too much fun for a 1 year old and her 7 year old old fogey cousin.

I think it may have been the best day of my life (well except for my adoption day!)

Well my dear friends mummy says enough about birthdays and maybe if I'm a good girl I can do it all again next year. What does she mean- i am ALWAYS a good girl!!!! he he he!!

Well Liffey's 1 year old licks to you all.

PS- I WILL play that tagging game thing soon- sorry!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

SAd News

mummy and me were gonna post news about my 1st birthday party today and also catch up on smoe games we were tagged in. However, we nnow feel it is not right to publish such happy news when the Dogs with Blogs family is mourning the loss of Charlie- a founder of Dogs with Blogs. Although i didn't really know Charlie, if it hadn't of been for him I would not be blogging at all.

So I will save the happier posts for later this week.

Love and licks to OPy and all Charlie's family and friends. He will be missed.

Liffey's sad licks to all