Friday, May 8, 2009

Movie Night

I am scared to tell you last nights news cause I don't want the great big Mango to drool on me- promise Mango? It wasn't my fault, honest and mummy says to tell you it wasn't her fault either, so no drooling on her. What happened was that Mummy and daddy said it was my turn for video choice for family night so I chose Marley and Me and Hotel for Dogs after mangos bark worthy write up. But in the video shop Marley and me was all out and mummy couldn't find Hotel for Dogs. She asked at the counter and the lady said it has not been released yet. We in Oz are so far behind- but it is not our fault Mango so NO drooling! Mummy says we can watch it as soon as it comes out. Mummy phoned home and I barked for a classic like Lassie or Benji but Daddy wanted a thriller and he won. We watched this kidnap movie with lots of blood and shooting and NO dogs. Not a single one. How does that classify as MY choice?? I have made mummy promise that it will be MY CHOICE next weekend. It had better be or there will be major league sulking!

To make matter worse, daddy wanted pizza and Mummy let him have it and despite all my bestest pleadings none was passed down to me. I did get a stinking tooth cleaning bone but how does that even begin to compare to pizza? Ahh, mummy and daddy have a lot to learn. Good job I am here to teach them.

Liffey's Licks to you all


  1. Hi, Liffey!
    Hmmmm.... I am not so sure about that movie... sounds scary!
    And no pizza for you?? Not fair!
    I will be waiting for your movie next weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. That doesn't sound like much fun. No dog movie AND no pizza? Did they forget you live there too? Sheesh.


  3. Hi, Liffey-
    Stella sent us your way, and we're so glad she did. You are one lovely dog, and your name reminds us of our very favorite river!

  4. Liffey, we love the top photo on your side bar of you!!!!! It makes my Jeannie laff out loud each time she sees it!

    She says she read the book Marley and Me, and it made her laugh and cry .....what is all that about then eh?

    lotsaluv, Marvin xxxx