Saturday, April 18, 2009

Phew, what a day!

Yesterday was the bestest day in ages.  I had so much fun.
It started worringly though with me being put outside with a bone.  I wondered where mum and dad were going as this is the 'bye bye' ritual but it turns out they weren't going anywahere!  THey just spent the day doing something secrative in the front bedroom!!  It seemed to involve noisy machines, buckets of water and new noo noo, the tiny vacum cleaner.  Mum says I can see when it is finished but for now they don't want my black hairs in there.

Anyhoo... back to the bone.  It was scrumptious.  Mummy had once again forgotten to defrost it so it was a little cold but I soon 
thawed it with my chomping.  It was an excellent start to the day.  

At lunch time mummy had finished on the secret project and she said I could help her build the new IKEA chairs.  I tried to hold one end for her but she siad that wasn't very helpful so I just sat behind her on the sofa and she was concentrating so hard that she didn't even throw me off- victory for me!!!  We built a chair- itr was very nice- but I didn't likethe noisy tool dad told mum to ude, it went vroom vroom vroom very loudly.

Then mummy said we were going on a walk to meet her friends 
and their dogs.  We went to Warrandyte in daddy's new car- Tiggy 
the Tiguan- and I was very concerned cause mummy was driving it all by herslef for the first time but phew we got there without accident.  Then I met them, Diesel the lab and Kizzy the shetland shepdog.  And oh, I think that I am in love with Diesel.  He smells so good and he likes to play and he is so cute.  Kizzy was cool but she was 10 so a bit boring.  SHe ignored all my best play moves, even the one where i jumped over the top of her.  We had an awesome walk.

Then, in the evening, I put on my most sad face and wonder of wonders, I was allowed to watch the Saturday night movie on the sofa!!!  Oh yes, it was a great, awesome, pawtastic day.

Liffey's Licks to one and all 


  1. Hi, Liffey!
    Sounds like you had a pawesome day! Bone included!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. I love meaty bones. I always try to help with the housework which involves directing the vacuum machine where to go (sometimes with my mouth) which usually results in NO NO NO and then some HBO words and then banishment to the yard.