Wednesday, April 22, 2009

break out!

Today I went to visit the bothersome beagle next door.  
Unfortunatley I am apparantly not supposed to visit the bothersome beagle next door.  
So now I am in the dog house with mum and she has blocked up my hole in the fence so bothersome beagle and I can not have our usuual daily sniffs.

liffeyslicks to you all


  1. Hi there Liffey!

    You are certainly the cutest pup! And we love your name!

    I am part Lab too, although my other bit is Collie, one of my best pals here in Scotland is a wolfhound, they are the best fun too!

    lots of love, Marvin in Scotland xxxxxx

  2. Aw, I have had some jail breaks of my own. I get in BIG trouble when that happens... mostly cause my dumb brother tries to keep up with me and he could have a stroke or something running with a fast guy like me. Momma says I have no "street smarts" and there are lots of big trucks on the streets near my house. Sigh.