Saturday, February 20, 2010


Did I tell; you that I went camping? It was a while ago now but fresh in my memories cause it was totally fun!!

The bit that wasn't fun was when daddy packed the car up and there was no room for me so he perched me on top of loads of stuffs.
See- not happy!!

But, I got a good view even if it was a bit uncomfy and the longest car journey I have EVER been on. I got a bit bored sometimes but then daddy would open the windows and I stuck my head out and flapped my ears in the breeze.

We went to a place called Bright and there was a river there that I could paddle in ALL the time and even some deep bits where mummy helped me to swim. I'm still not sure about this swimming thing but it is getting easier and less scary. Daddy forgot to take any photos of me swimming though- naughty daddy.

Daddy wouldn't let me or mummy help to put the tent up- but I was the director and made sure he knew where to put the sticks. Here I am directing the show:
After all my hard work I was rewarded with some yummers bones- mmmmmm:
Mummy liked the tent a lot:

I wasn't so sure about sleeping under canvas and my first nights sleep was a bit broken. I kept hearing strange noises and having to wake mummy up to warn her bout them. She got a bit cross in the end and said it was just possums. I didn't know what a possum was but then the next night I saw one. Ugly looking thing up a tree- I told it to go away in no uncertain terms but it wouldn't listen. Silly possum.

I got used to it all in the end andquite enjoyed my tent life. I particuarly enjoyed the camp fires at night although they would have been better if mummy and daddy had thought to get me my own chair. One time mummy went off to the toilet so I gave her chair a try. She wasn't very happy when she got back and I was relegated to the floor once again!

Still they did share marshmallows and nuts with me!

Hope, hope, hope that I can go camping again soon but mummy says it might be a while- boo hoo hoo! here's me on the way home with my daddy. I was POOPED!

Liffey's licks to you all

PS- For those of you interested in mummy, her weight problem is continuing at quite a rapid speeed. She says not to worry and that it will all at least begin to get better in about 6 weeks. I hope so mummy cause your belly is BIG!!


  1. Hi, Liffey!
    Sure it was a pawesome adventure... with possums and all!
    Glad you and your mom and dad had a great time!
    6 more weeks?? Oh-oh! Get ready!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. We think your Mum's big belly problem might be a very good thing, Liffey. Could be something special coming to your home soon that will be loving and cute and a great source of floor crumbs for you. Your camping trip looks like a lot of fun even if the ride there was a bit uncomfy.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

    Pee Ess, did you know that we have a new sister?

  3. Poor mom suffering from large belly. I hope that she can fix that soon. I am glad you had your big adventure because skinny mom might be too busy to take you for a while. Just a thought...


  4. well, dear Liffy, in my view a big belly never hurt anyone! I am sure there may be a reason for it!

    My Jeannie tells me when she stayed in a beach cabin last year when she went to Merry Beach in Aus, the Possums ran over the top of the roof and made a terrible racket!

    I loved the last photo of you, priceless!!

    Good wishes to your Mama! My Jeannie says she has had a fat belly three times, and somehow it does go away, and someone, takes its place!

    I have no idea what she is barking about!

    love and many licks, Marvin xxxxxxx